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Thrown into the Sea — Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke

»Thrown into the Sea« is an artists’ book by Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke. »Thrown into the Sea« is a reflection to Lawrence Weiner’s artpiece »One Standard Air Force Dye Marker Thrown Into The Sea« he published in 1968. »Thrown into the Sea« consists of 23 risograph prints showing close-ups of the Risograph print raster and a letter by Weiner to On Kawara.

»Lawrence Weiner’s text piece ›One Standard Air Force Dye Marker Thrown into the Sea‹ (1968) puts the position of the artist on the agenda. One year later, in 1969, the American artist actually did throw a dye marker – a small sack of red color that, in the event a US World War II pilot being downed over the sea, would repel sharks and mark his position – into the sea during his exhibition at the Nova Scotia College of Art in Halifax. In a TV interview he explained that ›there is no art involved […]. You could have thrown it, practically anybody else could have thrown it.‹« — Jörg Heiser

Paintings by Risograph FR3950EP, Text by Franziska Brandt, Graphics & Printing by Moritz Grünke, Translation by Cloudy, Concept by Gloria Glitzer

Format 20 × 27,5 cm · 52 pages · 10 color risograph print on 120gsm paper · yellow pad binding · print run 65 · 2013

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